While we operate as one organization, there are two different organizations that work together. To attend member-only events, you must belong to either the UH Psi Chi chapter, or Psychology Club. While these two organizations act as one, there are different membership application procedures, as Psi Chi is an honor society, while Psychology Club is a UH student organization. You may only hold membership in one of these. Both organizations share meetings, social events, fund raising, and community activities together. As such, both require members to demonstrate a genuine interest in psychology, leadership, high standards of personal behavior, and commitment to actively participate in chapter events and activities. Please see the table below to view the different requirements for membership in either Psi Chi or Psychology Club.

Psychology Club Psi Chi
Required Overall GPA None 3.0
Required Psychology GPA None 3.5
Be a Psych major/minor? Not required Required
Required semester completion? None Three, or one semester at UH if a transfer student
# of psych credit hours required None Nine
Dues $50/semester $50/semester
National Dues N/A $55, for first semester only


To join Psi Chi, please follow the outlined steps here.

To join Psychology Club, please click here.

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