Research Assistant Position

Anxiety and Health Research Laboratory

Looking for a hard-working research assistant to assist with protocol of project that seeks to examine the validity of a novel measure of anxiety using a motion controlled game prototype.

3.25 cumulative GPA
10 hours a week

If you are interested in working in the laboratory, please contact Kara Manning, Laboratory Coordinator ( ).

*May result in paper and/or poster publications

Recent News in Psychology

Here’s some recent news in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Science from around the internet.

Neuroscience: Coffee Can Protect Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s
Love coffee? You might be in luck. Although the fresh, aromatic bean has long been lauded for its many uses and benefits, it can be difficult to see a real use for coffee outside of its primary function — keeping us awake when we don’t have the energy to ourselves…

The psychology of privacy in the era of the Internet of Things
Are we prepared for ubiquitous computing and its evil twin, ubiquitous surveillance?
Foreseeing such a future, the Helsinki Privacy Experiment explored the long-term psychological consequences of surveillance in the home. Though participants responded to the constant intrusion of a camera in their private space by changing their behavior to gain control of when they might be recorded, over time, most simply got used to it…

March Madness: The sports psychology behind a winning team
With the NCAA Women’s & Men’s Basketball Tournaments continuing, now is a great opportunity to try to understand the psychology of excellence. It is one thing to attain, and it’s another thing to sustain success. In other words, from a sport psychology point of view, there is one set of traits necessary to be No. 1, and there’s another set of traits necessary to stay there…

Is Your Self-Esteem Too High to Be Successful?
You probably rely too much on self-esteem for your success. This is a mistake. High self-esteem has several problems. This includes the potential for violence and a fear of failure. If success is your goal, forget self-esteem and embrace self-compassion…

New psychology study finds pronoun use can be an indicator of a strong, healthy relationship
Published in the journal Personal Relationships, “Everyday Emotion Word and Personal Pronoun Use Reflects Dyadic Adjustment Among Couples Coping with Breast Cancer,” Robbins and graduate students Alex Karan and Robert Wright analyzed 52 couples coping with breast cancer. The couples went home with an “Electronically Activated Recorder”, or “EAR,” that recorded 50 seconds of sound every nine minutes. Except for sleeping hours, they wore the EAR for a weekend (Friday-Sunday). Researchers analyzed conversations that did not concentrate on cancer – otherwise called “normal conversations,” which made up 95 percent of couples’ daily conversations…

Long-Sought Research Deregulation Is Upon Us. Don’t Squander the Moment.
It has been a 40-year labor: Regulatory systems are not easy to undo. Nevertheless, in January the federal government opened the door for universities to deregulate vast portions of research in the social sciences, law, and the humanities. This long-sought and welcome reform of the regulations requiring administrative oversight of federally funded human-subject research on college campuses limits the scope of institutional review board, or IRB, management by exempting low-risk research with human subjects from the board’s review…
Reply: Research Deregulation in Psychology Not Cause for Celebration

“They’re turning the frogs gay”: The psychology behind internet conspiracy theories
We seem to be living in an era where conspiracy theories are booming. From Hillary Clinton’s paedophile pizza parlour, to Russian hackers, Red Pillers, Obama’s communist coup and Trump’s 4D Chess – the internet has been flooded with conspiracies from both the Left and Right. Dr Robert Bartholomew, a sociologist who specialises in mass delusions, believes that social media has exacerbated conspiracy culture…

Is Mental Illness the Rule Rather than the Exception?
When we hear about the number of people who struggle with psychiatric disorders, the most common quote is 1 in 5 for any given year. This statistic comes from several reports over the years issued by the Surgeon General’s office and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA)…

A Dietary Treatment for Depression
A randomized controlled trial shows the right diet can improve depression…

Organic Food and Psychology: How Perception Makes Us Spend 47% More
People may find that organic foods taste better than conventionally grown produce but evidence shows our perception of food goes beyond what our sense of taste dictates. Considering the cost of organic food might want us to evaluate our perception of food in general…

Have a news item you think would interest the club members? Contact the website administrator to submit interesting news articles.

Journal Club

Have you ever been assigned an article to review, and just are not sure what that entails? Want to meet fellow Psi Chi and Psychology Club members? You can now do both by joining the Journal Club. This club has been created to help you get the most out of journal articles. It helps to hone valuable skills that will assist you throughout your academic career.

This week, the Journal Club will be meeting at 4 PM on Thursday the 23rd, in the Psi Chi office (105 Heyne). The club will be reviewing the article titled, “Beyond the Usual Suspects: Positive Attitudes Towards Positive Symptoms Is Associated With Medication Noncompliance in Psychosis”. Please read it ahead of time so that you can have the background knowledge before attending the meeting.

Hope to see you there!

Hospice volunteering

At the second meeting of the semester, representatives from Encompass Home Health attended and talked about volunteer opportunities as a hospice worker. This is considered community service, so if you participate, you can get points to lower your dues. This can also be a great opportunity to add to your CV if you are planning on going to graduate school for counseling or social work. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • providing companionship and socialization
  • helping with general office support
  • running errands with patients and families
  • playing games, reading and listening to music with patients
  • walking and caring for family pets
  • assisting with light house cleaning
  • creating photo albums of patients and their families
  • writing a journal or life story with patients, to give to their families

For more information, please contact Encompass’ Volunteer Coordinator, Jonathan Mook at 713.476.0270 or

Internships at the Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine is looking for student interns to work over the summer. To apply, click here.

Psychiatry: ( 2 Interns)

Summer interns would learn the constructs, symptoms, and treatments of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), working primarily in a Veterans’ Affairs setting with faculty from the Departments of Psychiatry and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Baylor College of Medicine. Interns would also take part in an ongoing research project employing neuroimaging and investigating a novel treatment for PTSD by being exposed to procedures involved in testing and analysis. Interns could also be involved in a longitudinal project assessing the relationship between personality and PTSD and physical health. They would have the opportunity to learn basic principles of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) analysis, potentially relating fMRI data to diffusion tensor imaging and volumetry data, as well as investigate relationships to behavioral measures. In short, they would have the opportunity to be a real part of an active research team.


Department of Molecular and Human Genetics: (1 Intern) 

We are looking for an intern to assist with curation of our phenotype databases for neurodevelopmental disorders and to assist with analysis of these data. This position will provide the opportunity to learn about genetic basis of neurodevelopmental disorders, management of patient records, and the theoretical basis of experimental investigation of these conditions. Depending upon experience and interest, the intern may be involved in analysis of cohort data that may ultimately lead to publication.


Genetics: (1 intern)

The Division of Genetic Counseling is proud to sponsor an internship at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital. This internship introduces college students to the field of genetic counseling and is designed to provide opportunities for clinical shadowing, genetics research experience and an overall base knowledge of genetics. You will be exposed to genetic counseling in many different areas (prenatal, pediatric, adult/cancer) over the course of the internship. The Division of Genetic Counseling is housed in the Department for Human and Molecular Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. With over thirty genetic counselors, we are one of the largest genetic counseling groups in the country and work together with the largest clinical genetics program in the country.


Goals of internship:

  • Assist with clinic case preparation to familiarize interns with common genetic conditions
  • Observe in various clinic settings including general pediatric genetics, pediatric sub-specialties, prenatal, adult, cancer
  • Attend weekly genetics case conferences and journal clubs
  • Participate in research by completing a mutually agreed upon project that will be selected upon the start of the internship and will be presented to the department at the conclusion of the internship

Who can apply? ( This is only for this specific department) This is a competitive summer internship program is for undergraduate students or those whom have recently completed their undergraduate degree. Candidates must have maintained a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher to be considered. Candidates must have completed a college-level genetics course. Ideal candidates have a specific interest in the field of genetic counseling.

2nd General Meeting

Don’t forget that our second meeting of the semester is today! In addition to normal announcements, there will be chair elections, and a Valentine’s party. Some come on down and eat some sweets! 

Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

Don’t forget, the bake sale is today! If you’d like to donate, here’s the list of what to bring:

  • Red & pink balloons
  • Donuts
  • Kolaches
  • Breakfast tacos
  • Frosted cupcakes (love/heart themed)
  • Frosted cookies (love/heart themed)
  • Cake pops (love/heart themed)
  • Water & soft drinks

SWPA 2017 Information

Hello Friends,

First of all, I am pleased to let you know that the program for this year’s SWPA Convention has been released. Feel free to browse the poster/presentation titles and times. It looks like there will be a lot of interesting research being presented this year from many different areas of psychology, but I will let you be the judge of that. Here is the link:

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the convention by March 8th in order to keep the fee at $65 (instead of the $80 it will jump to after that time). Here is that link:

Now for the fun stuff. These are the estimates of how much the conference will cost to attend,  per person (minus the registration fee). I have provided a brief, itemized breakdown, as well, so you can know exactly where your money is going. Keep in mind that the Hyatt Regency where we will be staying does not offer a complimentary breakfast (I double checked) and that Psi Chi will be paying for one dinner at a to-be-determined restaurant.

If you decide to take the BUS:

Bus ticket (round-trip): $31.59

Hotel room (per person, 3 nights): $162.00

TOTAL: $193.59

If you decide to DRIVE/CARPOOL:

Hotel room (per person, 3 nights): $162.00

Parking (per car, 3 days): $87 (self-parking) / $117 (valet)

Gas: ? (for average 2015 car: $32.44 [@ 25.4 MPG, 398 mi., and $2.07 per gal.])

TOTAL: $249 (self-parking) / $279 (valet) plus gas*

*Note that if self-parking and carpooling with a total of 4 people (or 5 people with valet), the price per person drops to just below that of the bus price after splitting the costs.

Remember to take a look at the program and decide which presentations seem most exciting to you. That way, you will be able to see what interests you the most at SWPA, thus getting the most for your money. We will be sending out emails soon asking for confirmation of your intention to attend the convention as well as containing further details on potential activities and trip specifics. We will be seeing you all soon! Take care.

Cana Quave

Academic Affairs Officer

Psi Chi | University of Houston Chapter