Professor Herb W. Agan

Dr. Agan was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas with two living siblings. His dad, an affable, hunting/fishing, WWII fighter pilot, turned insurance salesman and his mom, a flinty, erudite, community volunteer, stay-at-home parent are both deceased.

After receiving a business degree from the University of Texas in Austin and completing a Masters in theology during his six years in youth ministry, he moved to Houston to attain a Masters in Counseling and, eventually a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from UH. He worked 7 years at a county mental health center.

For 35+ years, Dr. Agan has practiced as a psychologist and a marriage and family therapist, while serving as a consultant and lecturer to business, religious medical, and educational groups throughout the country. He has been an adjunct faculty member in Clinical Psychology at UH, teaching a variety of classes since 1998 and has taught year-round at the Jung Center of Houston for the past 18 years.

Advice for Psychology Students: Dare to keep becoming your true self by following your interests, passions, and questions about all things that awaken you, disturb you, and make you laugh. Your unique personality and perspective, while not always understood is the greatest gift to your calling, your loved ones and to the world. Study hard and enjoy the ride.

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